Strategy Post

My client is a retailer called Mojo King, he is an independent men’s clothes shop, his current customer base is presently expanding as the world of ‘mod’ clothing becomes more and more popular. A more specific target audience for our campaign, and for my blog, is individuals that are interested in helping small businesses succeed and flourish and individuals that believe in giving someone your repeat custom based on creating a friendly relationship with local business owners.

In creating this blog I used three main blogs as a starting point; I chose these blogs because, when searching for my chosen topic of “vintage shops” or “independent stores” and “blogs”, they were found very high on the list of Google suggestions. This ranking means that these are the sorts of blogs that people are seeing constantly and so using tips from these pages will make my own blog feel more familiar to the audience. The three blogs were:

  • Move On Up – Uses a colloquial tone, talks about their personal style preferences and also has a raft of ‘tags’ which can help users find the blog by searching for these broad terms.
  • Beyond Retro – Uses images to illustrate points and keep the text broken up, due to the nature of it being a blog attached to a company the banner is very large and can be seen to get in the way.
  • Chronically Vintage – Hyperlinks the source of her information every time and using a very friendly and personal vocabulary suggesting a kinship with the reader.

The main things I took from these blogs were; the informal tone used to create a kinship with the readership, the use of images to break up the text and make the posts more approachable, creating hyperlinks that direct my readers to other pages related to my topic, these links will also help to raise the level of trust people have in my blog as the links go to regularly trusted sites like GQ, Facebook and Instagram, the final tip I took from the blogs was the use of tags to make my blog more easily searchable when people are trying to find blogs related to my chosen topic.

Something I used myself was attaching an image of a map of Cardiff, with a pin in the location I had visited, so that people could easily find where I had been. I also used questions and invitations “see you there” to try to get people to engage with my content. Another tactic was to search for common used keywords for my chosen topic, this helped me to strategize what kind of language I used when creating my content.


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