Wellfield Court (Cont.)

This is the 2nd post in a series detailing an amazing trip down to Wellfield Court in which I found a number of fantastic little shops I think you should all know about!

After the success of finding one amazing little shop I decided to try my luck at another! Taking only a couple of steps out of Mojo King (From the previous post) I found myself staring longingly at the window of a vintage store. The window was packed with a myriad of different items, from silver jewellery to Tiffany-style lamps, and the piece that caught my eye was a beautiful earthen-ware jug with the logo of Green’s ginger wine!


Granted this item may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I fell in love with it! There was a certain charm that it held and I couldn’t help but snap a photo so that I would remember to come back and buy it. To my dismay I couldn’t buy it then as I had noticed the owner, Belinda O’Donnell, inside was packing up her bags and getting ready to close the shop. When Belinda looked up and noticed me stood there fawning at the selection she had in the window she asked whether there was anything I particularly liked? I leapt at the offer and snapped up the jug for a bargain! Once inside the shop I realised I had seen not even a fraction of the beautiful things she had on sale.

Whilst Belinda wrapped the jug for me I had a look around and found so many more items I wanted to take home and have forever, an amazing collection of vintage men and women’s wear, jewellery to die for, lamps, furniture etc. Everything you could ever want could be found in this store; perhaps this is why the store won Cardiff Lifestyle’s Best Cardiff Fashion Retailer – 2016!

Some links that can show you more of Belinda O’Donnell’s store and stock;

Hopefully I will find myself in the shop again to make some more purchases and who knows, maybe I will see you there also!


Wellfield Court

Hidden gems.

How many times have you found yourself wandering aimlessly an area you thought you knew everything about? How many times have you then stumbled upon something you’d never seen before?

I was wondering around Roath last week and I found myself walking down into a courtyard I had never seen before; being the intensely nosey person I am, I had a butchers around the arcade. To my delight I found a pair of amazing shops that can only be described as treasure troves of goodies.

The first was a shop named ‘Mojo King’, outside the store was an iconic scooter which told you exactly what this shop was selling. Mod clothing, from shoes all the way up to ties, Paul Reeves has you covered! The owner that waited diligently, Mr. Paul Reeves was an incredible fountain of information on everything ‘mod’. The clothing stocked by Mojo King comes from a number of well-known brands such as Fred Perry and Pretty Green, along with a number of items from smaller retailers, the stock was all of excellent quality and the prices were great!


Whilst Paul’s shop was an amazing find, Paul himself was even better; Mr. Reeves was a fountain of knowledge about everything ‘Mod’. Following his Twitter account you soon realise that Paul lives and breathes mod culture, he regularly attends scooter events with his own bike, and suggests a number of events that the public can attend in order to dive into the world of ‘mod culture’.

Here are a few links to get you started in your journey to the centre of mod;

Hopefully after reading this some of you will head on down to Wellfield Court, find Mojo King and tell me all about your experience!